Our Story

In 2017, I graduated from Emory University with degrees in Business Administration and Visual Arts. On one end, I was crunching numbers and in the thick of finance. On the other, I was charcoaling huge portraits. When I graduated, I jumped into real estate then eventually settled on a corporate design and marketing job in Atlanta.

Every year, my sister, my mom and I try to go on a trip together. In the summer of 2018, we chose Italy as the destination we would spend two weeks in. We rented a car and drove all over the gorgeous country! Venice, Milan, Positano, Sorrento, Rome, and Tuscany were only a few incredible cities we had the pleasure of visiting. We enjoyed all of the amazing food (I literally ate pasta for two meals a day haha) and took in all of the beautiful art and culture that Italy has to offer. 

In Italy, it was obvious that people slowed down when it came to food. The quality of ingredients was important, the idea of spending hours preparing meals was more enjoyable than a hassle, and sitting and having 2-3 hour meals with friends and family was just the way of life. I loved this. 

The week I returned to Atlanta, I quit my job and decided to start The Pasta Market. The initial concept of the store is the same today as it was when I started. We would sell high quality food and ingredients, gorgeous kitchen and home products that people could enjoy while cooking, and employ knowledgeable and friendly associates that could give customers suggestions and delicious recipes as they stroll around the store. 

It makes me so happy to see that everyone is enjoying our products! It's pretty amazing hearing stories of how people are creating "pasta nights" or how parents are teaching their kids how to cook fun meals. 

Having a business at 26 years old is so much work and there are so many challenges, BUT it's literally so much fun and such a pleasure when it's The Pasta Market!! :) 


Jaque Galinski

Chief Pasta Officer