Balsamic Vinegar, Cento per Cento

Balsamic Vinegar, Cento per Cento

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IGP Certified balsamic vinegar obtained from cooked grape must of Lambrusco grapes added to red wine vinegar and grown in the Modena area on the farm of Giuseppe Pedroni. A perfectly natural and artisanally processed condiment without the addition of coloring agents, preservatives, or additives to increase the density or flavor.

Anthony Bourdain featured Pedroni on his show "No Reservations" in a segment titled, "The Real Balsamic Vinegar".

A balsamic vinegar aged 3 years in oak barrels with "flowing density" that is ideal for vegetables and rich mixed salads, as well as cooking or marinating meats.

Ingredients: Wine vinegar, cooked grape must of grapes from the Modena area.

Producer: Acetaia Pedroni



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