Rigatoni by Gentile: Organic

Rigatoni by Gentile: Organic

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A large grooved tubular cut to use by those looking for a classic traditional pasta. Made with 100% Italian wheat.

*Pasta di Gragnano achieved in 2010 the IGP mark (Indicazione Geagrafica Protetta). This community recognition represents the reaching of an important objective for pasta makers, always working with respect and devotion for the entire Gragnano city where the pasta is its own icon. The EU assigns the IGP mark to agricultural food which are linked to a geographical origin basing on unique characteristics and production phases; this implies the respect of straight production rules indicated in the "disciplinari".

The first original die extruded pasta came from Gragnano and was called maccheroni, just like these modern day rigatoni!

durum wheat



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