Vegetariano 400 Regional Italian Recipes by Slow Food Editore

Vegetariano 400 Regional Italian Recipes by Slow Food Editore

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Unmatched in authenticity and scope, this celebration of vegetarian Italian cooking from Slow Food draws on traditional recipes, from the Alps to the tip of the boot and the islands.

Cooks across Italy have been making vegetarian dishes for centuries. Full of the exhaustive research and bona fides that readers worldwide have come to expect from Slow Food, Vegetariano collects over 400 of the best vegetarian (and frequently vegan) recipes from home cooks in every region of Italy—all approachable, cookable, and full of the rustic Italian spirit of abbondanza and gracious hospitality.

Befitting recipes handed down through families, most feature their original preparations and ingredients, rather than being reengineered as vegetarian by modern chefs. Local knowledge and experience are highlighted, showcasing the generations of respect Italian cooks have lavished on their verdure. Sustainability, versatility, and a frugal cook’s lack of waste all characterize the recipes meticulously researched by Slow Food. Organized by course, these 400-plus recipes are perfect for family meals and celebratory feasts alike, and each features charming cultural details and culinary customs not found in chef-driven books.

About the author:

Slow Food is a renowned grassroots organization founded in Italy in 1989 to preserve local foodways and traditional recipes and encourage more people to be conscious of where their food comes from and affects the world around us. Today, Slow Food is active in more than 160 countries, with 1,500 local chapters around the globe, and more than 200,000 supporters in the United States.



448 pages, 7 x 9 3/4
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March 2018



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