YOURS Non-Alcoholic Wine California Red Blend


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The only wine you’ll feel good drinking. Yours non-alcoholic california red blend combines real dealcoholized california red wine with a carefully crafted blend of flavors, offering that rich red wine experience you love, but without the alcohol.

The result? A wine you feel great about drinking, and an experience you'll never forget.

Pouring a velvety shade of violet and carrying the aromas of spice and fresh vanilla, from the second yours non-alcoholic california red blend leaves the bottle, it’s clear you’re about to enjoy something special. As you sip, you’ll experience a bright bouquet of flavors, including: Vanilla Blackberry Chocolate Oak Fresh ground peppercorns

Unlike most non-alcoholic wines, there’s no lingering sweetness with yours. Instead, you’ll enjoy a rich, complex red wine that finishes with that signature “bite” you know and love. And it’s this bite we’ve worked so hard to create, and what makes yours so special.

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