Ralph's Sauce

One day, I tried a tomato-basil pasta sauce that was handed down from a chef out of Italy to a chef in Florida. Chef Ralph liked to go dancing with the ladies and didn't want to have bad breath, so he decided to leave garlic out of his secret sauce recipe. 

Unlike the other sauces I had tried, this pasta sauce tasted so incredibly fresh, like the tomatoes and basil were just picked. It could, without a doubt, amplify any pasta dish and, with one taste, transport you right back to Italy. 

Ralph's Sauce was the show-stopper I was looking for. It would become a staple of The Pasta Market, quickly becoming the best selling product at our brick and mortar stores, getting high regards in dishes at our restaurant, and arriving at people's front steps all over the United States. 

Jaque, Owner of The Pasta Market